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hours a day, a fully rested toon will likely never consume all of their bonus. Not design required for play Rested bonus is nice to have and use, but it is not required. Non-combat experience such as exploration and quest experience does not consume rest state. In short - if you're enjoying playing the character, just keep on going - rested or not. In other words, you can leave your character resting in an inn for up to ten days without playing before you earn the maximum amount of rest state. So now your question. The extra XP that you got 60 rested XP was not the only XP pulled from your rested XP pool. If you log off here, you will continue to rest while offline. This effect can only occur once every 120 sec. It is easy enough to get these first five levels, so it is good to finish those quests and hurry over to the inn. The bonus is gained slowly while the character logged out, and more rapidly whenever the character is in an inn or city. Appears and you resume normal XP gains for kills. Your character is not tired, nor penalized in any way. Citation needed References See also External links. Recruit-A-Friend function, the rest marker will be pushed forward and your rested XP will not be consumed. Also of important note is that Rest State is 'pushed forward' by Quests or Exploration, it is only consumed by killing monsters. Blank bars to the left are rested, to the right are unrested. This is one pro benefit of having alts. You also become rested while logged off in the wilderness, but the accumulation is slower.

It may also be possible to engage the resting state while in ghost form. Or for every 32 hours spent logged off in another location. However, not 4940, execute the following script to display the amount of Rested XP your character has earned. This means you ica received a total of 120. Even if constantly maintained, some mods that show your rested bonus through the next level may not take this into account. One bubble of rested XP 5 of your current level is earned for every 8 hours spent resting in an inn or city. Pvp," for the pet ability, and give you overly optimistic data.

I know that if you log out at an inn or city, you gain rested bonus.But do you gain the same rested bonus and at the same rate if you just sit in an inn and.

Wow rest bonus

1 Increase some sense of realism and role playing in the game by incorporating the concept of Inns and characters sleeping. Instances are nothing but creature. As you gain experience through quests the bar wow rest bonus shifts forward. Sometimes into the next level so you have a full level of rested and therefor no way of knowing roughly how much rested you have. So they burn rest up quickly. Experience you gain from a quest has no effect on wow rest bonus the amount of rest you have left over. And it will not double up if you are rested.

Further information, when you are about 5th or 6th level, you will receive quests to go to another town area.

The rest bonus is a useful and easily-obtained boost to the leveling process.
World of Warcraft has a faster level curve than many games.

Patch.0.9, there is a glitch in the inn s bonus rest while logged out in that after you hearthstone to an inn.
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Even though I have 4 100s I never figured how rested xp works, somebody explain please, I know how I get em I just wanna know what role it plays.

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How does rested exp work?