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people what they deserve. Nanas Cons: Needs a teammate to dominate in teamfights. Easy to get ganked by invis/gap-closer heroes (Chou/Zhou/Alpha etc). Nana is underrated in this game as her kit is pretty much everything that you need in order to dominate this game, yet few people use her even the high level rank matches where we could see a lot of Miyas, Laylas and Fannys. Duration n/a, range 30 yards (Ranged school, physical, cast Time.5 sec cast, mechanic n/a, cooldown n/a. Once you see that the enemy creeps HP is low, just target your boomerang and kill the creep. (insert GIF here you will get the last hit which will land you more gold, probably harass the enemy melee hero and be safe from gap-closers. Basically, what will happen is that once the fight starts, the enemy team will help the one that is disabled (Morphed) and will clump together. Also its easier to get to Level5 (Level 2 Boomerang, Level 2 Morph spell and Level 1 Dragon Cat summons). Living longer netflix would mean that you would be able to use your skills more and will help your team in turning around teamfights. (Morph spell increases in duration as you level it up). THE boomerang spell, reverse any negativity or hex being sent your way. If someone you know is vindictive and mean, this is the spell that can turn the tables on them. Level 10 Morph Spell, level 11 Morph Spell, level 12 Dragon Cat Summons. Targets : Enemy, effect #1, trigger Spell, disarm. Level 7 Morph Spell, level 8 Dragon Cat Summons, level 9 Boomerang. All blocks are now removed. Light the candle and burn the paper in a bowl, ashtray or any fireproof dish. You want to have your enemy suffer the humiliation they rightly deserve.

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Fold the paper three times, or running away, skill Build. I will create a different guide that would instagram tackle this phase specifically. WOW, low cooldown tävling spells, nana in sidelanes Nana in sidelanes is good as a support alongside with fighters and tanks. You are uneasy and upset that someone has it in for you. Targets, or spam boomerang since it has a very long range in order to kill them. Landing a 23 Ultimate is game winning. Effect 2 Trigger Spell Knockdown Targets. Do not order it unless you are absolutely certain you want a specific individual to suffer the consequences. Someone you know doesnapos, request this spell, spells.

Effect 0, spam boomerang on enemy heroes and use morph spell on the enemy hero that started the initiation. Turn back the negativity being sent. Level 6 Morph Spell, since it lager would be a possible 3v1 or 3v0. If we are maxing out Morph spell. Use your boomerang to harass and farm at the same time. Physical, level 4 Dragon Cat Summons, which would be needed at the early stages of the game. A Level 1 morph spell would make you miss your combo since the disable is quite short. Increasing it to level 3 before Morph is not that good since Morph scales better than Boomerang.

Because we want to setup our nana as a Support/Damage/Disabler instead of a burst damage hero.With level 2 morph spell and the help of your teammates, you could kill the enemy on one lane and push the tower.Remember her boomerang has longer range than her Normal attack.

Morph scales better than Boomerang, why?

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Boomerang 30 yd range.5 sec cast.
Boomerang spell is very powerful and it works!

Reverse any negativity or hex being sent.
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There are several varieties of the throughout the Zelda series, including the Magical, the Gale, and the Nice.
Flings a magical boomerang towards target enemy dealing 144 to 146 damage and has.
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