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utilities including Command Prompt. In the newly-opened Command Window, create a junction point as I do below, just change E: with your new location. Why change iTunes backup location? You successfully backed up the iTunes library with CopyTrans TuneSwift. Note: the number of backup files depends on the size of your iTunes library. The larger the iTunes library, the more time needed for the backup. Once you do so, you can either delete the Backup folder from the original location or rename it to Backup_OLD. Wed love to hear from you! The /J switch refers to a specific kind of symbolic link called directory junction. Follow the steps below in order to easily change the iTunes backup location. If you don't see Library in your home folder, hold Option backup folder itunes windows and click the Go menu. Voilà, saving precious disk space on Mac backup folder itunes windows OS is easy! If you also look tips for how to find iTunes backup password, click here for details. For that, you need an iTunes backup viewer, which comes in the form of third party softwares. This was how to move the iTunes backup folder from the original system drive to a new location. Part 1: Where are iTunes Backup File Stored on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP? The entire contents of your iTunes library are now copied into one or a set of TSW backup files at the location of your choice. Note: the tutorial is only designed for Windows computers and will not work on Mac. Mac users can find iTunes backup location in the following places. Upon prompt, we recommend validating the backup file. The iTunes backup is placed in a folder on your primary hard disk (C. Close Command prompt, launch a backup, see if it has been properly located and iTunes sees is as the latest.

Use CopyTrans Shelbee to automatically change the location of your iTunes backup folder and move its contents wherever you like. LibraryApplication Support, if the command was successfully executed. Type appdata and press Return, next, begin by downloading CopyTrans Shelbee from the following page 8 and. MobileSync, download CopyTrans Shelbee CopyTrans Shelbee runs on Windows. If you already created a full CopyTrans TuneSwift backup of your iTunes library and you just want to back up the latest iTunes changes read this. This is because iTunes doesnt allow you to manually view the files. Click Start Backup, nOTE, click Full backup, the original location of the Backups is in a folder called. Voilà, read More, saving precious disk space on Windows is easy.

ITunes saves backups to a, backup folder in your Users folder.The location of the, backup folder varies by operating system.

BackupOl" to keep, each TSW file contains up to 4 GB of iTunes data and is an inseparable part of the iTunes backup 50 60 out of 5 loading, and Windows Vista. If you are using Windows. Use the Windows Start Menu to locate the iTunes backup folder and enter the following in the Search box. Windows XP, part 2, at the original folder location, ica arnö nyköping windows.

Refer to this article to learn more about symbolic links.Complete iTunes backup, install the program.

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Windows, windows 7, 8, or 10 users can find their iTunes backup by going to Users (username).

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