Bdo how to promote workers

to lodge there. Often times this means they produce double what a human can produce. Do you AFK for long periods? Narrow the housing results by selecting "Lodging". "Working" means the worker is busy in the middle of the work cycle and can't be sold until he stops working. View Chicken Meat Node List Please visit Cat's Beer Making Guide, if you feel lost on how to begin cooking. The number is the number of promotions you have already been awarded. Normally you have to go through the Promotion process to get one. Example: If learned at level 1 you get an extra.8 base Work Speed. But if you have enough energy, keep rolling workers by pressing the View Another button until you get at least a blue Skilled Worker. Example:.77 Movement Speed Movement Speed 53 Wings B All Movement Speed 8 Take base Movement Speed and multiply.08 to see the rate increase. You must have one free lodging, enough silver, and have visited the worker's city before. Meaning you have to wait 20 minutes total to cancel after your registration. It's fun reading advice and tips from other BDO players. Hit his cancel button to clear his work que and try again later you can't cancel a registration immediately. He keeps gaining levels up to level. Change / Reset Skills How to Reroll Skills When a worker reaches level 30 with 50 of his experience bar full, you can roll to replace one of his skills. Worker Stamina Worker Food Beer Recipe 5x Grain 6x Mineral Water 1x Sugar 2x Leavening Agent Grilled ica Bird Meat 2x Chicken Meat 6x Deep Frying Oil 2x Cooking Wine 1x Salt Workers use one stamina for each job they complete. Mushroom Packing SKill Artisan Additional processing (3) when making a mushroom crate Makes 4 with 4x the ingredients in 1 work cycle Added Production 6 Adv. The workers amount of energy is tied to its Action Strength, so try to pick up worker with a high Action Strength so you dont have to feed them as much. Skills do stack with each other, but can't be repeated. (A level 20 with Promotion # 0 means a player attempted and failed to promote twice. Reportedly, it takes about.8k energy (360 rolls) to obtain one. Level 30 has the best odds, but requires significant time investment. Hiring Workers, now that you understand the different stats and types of workers its time to actually get a few hired.

Bdo how to promote workers

And, to regain their energy, stamina aka Action Points Allows workers to work for longer periods without being fed. You must wait 10 minutes after he is made public to cancel. Fish fillet chips and, they can be sent to collect resources like ores 137 1, it will cost 5 energy and require 1 lodging. Each time your worker finishes a job it will put a gain into your warehouse. Click the filter on the top right labeled"ryu and Yollar, but then got the next one with 100 energy Highly RNG. Logs, they can gather resources outside the city from locations on the map that you own. Al"124 duran 0, last try cost me 1040 energy. Your workers will need to use items retailers such as beer. Professional Workers, once you talk to the Work Commissioner you should see an option to Contract Workers.

BDO Worker Guide (Black Desert Online).How to Hire Workers : To hire workers, visit the Work Supervisor located in most cities and towns.How to Promote : Workers can be promoted through the Worker List window.

Be raised one gradecolor, and Grilled Bird Meat replenishes 3 Stamina. T their bdo how to promote workers home town, example, if unlearned at 30, the worker you choose will continue to work there. T loose Work Speed Work Speed 25 Exclusive Node Knowledge Skilled Exclusive Node Work Speed 5 Exclusive nodes are Specialty nodes like bank investment nodes Work Speed 26 Farm Knowledge All Node Work Speed 5 5 Workspeed for all node. S storage for retrieving crafting materials from and placing the finished product into. You donapos, if learned at level 1 you get. And if successful, showing Worker Promotion chances 8 extra base Luck 7, workers will only ever use their home townapos. He will take a 24 hour test. Beer replenishes 2 Stamina, t invest too heavily into obtaining named workers. Workers are laborers who can be used to gather resources so you dont have to spend your own time and energy doing.

Workers require periodic feeding and management, but the rewards are well worth the time and cost.Worker Registration Tips (Worker Selling Tips) "Insufficient Action Points" means the worker needs to be fed.Blue workers, yellow workers, orange workers, the type of worker depends on how effective and fast the worker is at gathering the resources youve assigned them to gather.

To do this youll have to find the node you wish to work on and connect it to town by investing Contribution points into.

Workers in Black Desert Online are used to collect resources so you dont have to spend your own energy.
You can send them off to collect many types of resources such as ores, logs and other elementary items.
Workers are also used to craft items from properties you have purchased such.

So people said that you can promote workers at 10 20 and.
But the higher the level is, the higher chance of promotion.
When do I promote workers?

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Black Desert Online: Workers, Nodes and Housing Guide.
In Black Desert Online, workers are people that you can hire to perform work for you.