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agent is found dead. Release Year: 2003 The stakes are even higher in Season 2 of this hit drama series that follows a team of investigators from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Trojan Horse 44m Turning away from a pile of bureaucratic paperwork, acting director Gibbs leaps on the case of a man found dead in a taxi bound for ncis headquarters. Ignition 43m When a Navy pilot is found dead under odd circumstances, Gibbs and his team find themselves battling a no-nonsense attorney with a hidden agenda. Freedom 42m The team springs into action to find the person responsible for beating a Marine sergeant to death in his own backyard. Rock and a Hard Place 42m When a bomb blows before a military charity concert, the team must determine if the target was ica a washed-up rocker or if a larger scheme was in play. Shell Shock: Part 1 42m While investigating the brutal death of an officer, Gibbs discovers the chief witness suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Sandblast 42m Navy and Army investigators team up to hunt clues in a suspected terrorist attack, but a CIA lead sends them to a warehouse rigged to explode.

Obsession 43m DiNozzo finds himself increasingly captivated by a woman he finns csi på netflix has never met while he investigates the murder of her brother. Tony and Kate board the carrier to unravel the mystery. Recruited 44m A Navy recruiterapos, s personal and professional life is blurred when ncis uncovers a connection between his grandmother and a lieutenantapos. T use, the team is forced to rely on tips and information from sketchy sources. A Man Walks into a Bar 44m The team members undergo mandatory psych evaluations while investigating the death of a commanding officer who was shot in his stateroom. S session finns csi på netflix at a college fair comes to a fatal end.

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You Better Watch finns csi på netflix Out 43m The Christmas spirit is tempered when the ncis team begins a murder investigation that leads them to a mysterious hoard of cash. S honor, and see posts about newly added TV shows and movies in your region. Gibbs makes it his mission to restore the manapos. During which he has flashbacks of his familyapos. S brother takes Shepherd hostage, present and Future 43m Determined to locate Ziva.

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